Blacknut’s Cloud Gaming Service Comes To iOS Devices

Blacknut releases its own Progressive Web App (PWA) for iOS, giving iPhone and iPad owners access to its entire catalog of over 500 high-quality games

French cloud gaming service Blacknut has developed a new Progressive Web App (PWA) to bring cloud gaming to iOS. Thanks to this new app, Blacknut subscribers can access its entire catalog on iPhone and iPad across 40 countries.

While similar web apps for other cloud gaming services are only available via invitation or an access-restricted beta version, Blacknut’s iOS web app is available to all subscribers and works with all games (500+ PC & console games) included in Blacknut’s catalog.

Bluetooth-controller ready, the PWA provides a complete ‘click & play’ experience through Blacknut’s cloud streaming service with fast loading times and without the need to download or install the actual games.

The PWA also features ‘virtual touch control’ technology, a new feature exclusive to Blacknut which dynamically overlays game controls onto a touchscreen, making games playable when it’s not possible to use a dedicated Bluetooth game controller.

The first version of the Blacknut PWA runs exclusively on Safari, the default browser on Apple devices. Players can create a shortcut to easily access the service directly from the home screen of the iPhone or iPad. The PWA can be installed directly from

Subscribers to Blacknut’s service can create up to 5 player profiles under the same account, which can be accessed simultaneously. Players can also enjoy a whole cross-device experience, where they can pick up and play their saved games on the cloud across any compatible PC, Mac, Smart TV, Amazon FireTV Stick, Google Chromecast, Android – and now iOS devices.

“Our team worked tirelessly to bring the full cross-play experience we pride ourselves on to all gamers in this latest PWA update,” said Pascal Manchon, CTO at Blacknut. “We are proud to reach this milestone, bringing cloud gaming on iOS to all our subscribers and making cloud gaming even more accessible.”

Blacknut’s catalog and subscription offer unlimited access to high-quality games from renowned publishers, including Wired Productions, Square Enix, Gameloft, Disney, Deep Silver and more. The catalog offers a wide range of genres, including first-person shooters, puzzle games, building simulations, strategy RPGs, sports, racing and family-friendly titles.

For a monthly subscription of €14.99, Blacknut subscribers can access the full catalog of games across all devices. For more information, please visit

Blacknut is offering early access to its first version of the PWA to all its subscribers. For users accessing the PWA, the following page can provide additional information:

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