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FortuneZ History

The domain name of established since 2000, is among the oldest domain names across the world-wide-web.

The brand name – FortuneZ was inspired by the Lost City of Z, a name given by Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett, a British surveyor, to an indigenous city that in 1911, he believed had existed in the jungle of the Mato Grosso state of Brazil.

FortuneZ was fully acquired by Herbert R. Sim  in November 2019. Herbert also commonly known as The Bitcoin Man, is the founder of Crypto Chain University – world’s first repository for compiling blockchain and cryptocurrency research papers, established in 2010.


FortuneZ Editorial Philosophy

Featuring only the products and services of the very highest order available in the world today, FortuneZ is the essential guide for the global business community. FortuneZ’s content rests on two pillars: Expert Editorial, packaged with the Highest Production Quality.

FortuneZ is committed to producing journalism that meets the highest standards of accuracy, fairness, transparency, and lawfulness. Our print, digital, and live products aim to inform, delight, illuminate, and help our readers, viewers, and attendees. We believe that our products must reflect our commitment to quality and integrity and we recognize that our reputation depends on upholding these journalistic values.

Contact us with your feedback and even with complaints about errors that warrant correction as well as suggestions for further clarification.

When a correction or clarification is required, we will append a note at the bottom of the article explaining the nature of the change as well as the time and date it was made. An article requiring additional context may include an editor’s note at top or bottom. Find out more about our Editorial Policies here.


FortuneZ Careers

FortuneZ is always on the lookout for talent to join the team, as we expand our operations into new countries and territories. Check FortuneZ’s current vacancies.


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FortuneZ Partners

FortuneZ believes that collaborations are the key to business growth and ultimate success. Drop us a note to explore further on ideas you have on how we can syngergise both our organizations together.

FortuneZ’s partnerships are highly exclusive. The accedence of the partner status is subjected through a rigorous approval process. Check out FortuneZ’s current list of partners.



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