Probability Launches ‘Daily Bonus Bonanza’ In The UK And Italy

Mobile gambling firm Probability has announced the launch of a new ‘Daily Bonanza Bonus’ in the UK and Italy.

The company said that the initiative had been designed to bring “a successful retention technique from social gaming into the real-money gambling arena for the first time”.

The promotion, which runs each day from midnight to midnight, gives players the chance to win prizes by just logging into their gaming account.

The range of prizes on offer includes free spins, bonuses, cash-back offers, deposit matches and cash awards.

When logged in, players are presented with a Daily Bonanza Bonus screen, which displays the prizes on offer on that day and a red button that players are invited to tap to stop the animated sequence. When this comes to a halt, it reveals the individual player’s daily prize.

Probability said complex behind-the-scenes maths ensures players have the opportunity to win all prizes on offer.

The offer is accessible on all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

“The idea is almost universal in social casinos, where every player receives a daily reward of virtual currency,” Probability’s chief commercial officer, Michael Byrne, said.

“But no one has brought this basic gamification technique across to the real-money world until now.”

“We’re rolling this out initially to our LadyLuck customers in the UK whilst we gauge reaction to this new concept and refine the rewards on offer. Our other brands and our white label partners will have access to it soon.”

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