Polkastarter Debuts Initial DEX Offerings With Fixed Price Tokens

Polkastarter debuts initial DEX offerings with fixed price tokens. A decentralized exchange on the Polkadot platform called Polkastarter is debuting a process for crowdfunding, with several projects lined up to offer token sales through the platform.

Through the so-called “Fixed Swap Pool,” projects may list their tokens and set up a pool with a fixed purchase rate per token. The product will go live on Dec. 15, and three initiatives will use the platform to raise funds within the first three days of its launch. These involve two decentralised autonomous organisations, SpiderDAO and MahaDAO.

Polkastarter would allow projects to be listed at a fixed price, which will be kept for as long as the tokens remain in the original supply. This should ensure less volatility around a token launch.

It also enables a project and its investors increased transparency over the amount of money raised and tokens sold. This data is not as easily calculable when the tokens sold varies greatly with price volatility.

Polkastarter will also provide additional tools for projects wishing to fundraise, including the provision of Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer compliance. These tools will not be mandatory but will be available if projects require them.

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