New Study Reveals Problem Gambling Rate Is Just 0.3% In Spain

University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) has published a new study which reveals that the problem gambling rate in Spain is just 0.3%.

José Antonio Gómez Yáñez, Professor of sociology and member of the Institute of Policy and Governance at UC3M, said that the objective of the research was to analyse “in a real and verifiable way” the relationship between Spanish society and gambling.

Gambling is subject to much debate, like many productive activities, which emphasises the need for this type of study which provides an objective view, based on data, for public opinion, administrations and the media. It is about offering real and updated data on gambling as part of the habits of Spanish society.”

Alejandro Landaluce, chief executive of industry association Consejo Empresarial del Juego (Cejuego), said: “Governments are increasingly concerned about a potentially inappropriate level of gambling participation in society and we, as representatives of the sector, share these concerns.”

“For this reason, we support this type of scientific study that allow us to know the reality of social behaviour towards gambling, beyond individual or collective perceptions, in order to act in those areas that are necessary within our responsibility.”

The study showed that the majority of the population takes part in draw-based lottery games, with 25.8m players taking part in the Christmas Lottery; 14.5m in the El Niño Lottery; 14m in Primitiva Lotteries and 8.5m using Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles (ONCE) branded scratchcard games.


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