Mark Cuban Praises BTC Monetary Policy After Bitcoin Merch Promotion

Mark Cuban praises BTC monetary policy after bitcoin merch promotion. Latest tweets show that a former digital currency critic continues to take steps for a full-blown conversion of the hodler: billionaire investor and owner of the Mark Cuban Dallas Mavericks.

The tweet came on December 23rd, when Cuban announced that fans buying Mavericks gear would receive a 25% discount when they used Bitcoin to make their purchase. However, the report Cuban linked to instead said that purchasers who buy over $150 worth of gear using Bitcoin would receive a $25 gift card, and did not mention a 25% discount.

This offer of gift cards, as well as a broader Mavericks strategy of accepting Bitcoin as ticket payment, strikes some observers as strange given the history of Cuban denigration of the asset. He dusted off a zinger earlier in 2020 that he first shot off in September of 2019: that he prefers bananas as a currency to Bitcoin.

Many have described coming around to Bitcoin’s virtues as a store-of-value as a process and not an event, however, and Cuban seems to be taking the requisite steps. In a tweet just today, Cuban seemed to praise Bitcoin’s programmatic monetary policy, saying that publicly traded companies would be wise to restrict their share inflation.

[image: Wikimedia]

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