Tamas Szabo Officially Appointed as Group CEO of Pepperstone

A filing with the UK Companies House has officially confirmed that Tamas Szabo has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Pepperstone Group. Reports had previously surfaced that the move had taken place, but this is the first official confirmation in the matter.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Tamas Szabo has been the acting group CEO of Pepperstone since October of last year. The move by the brokerage exemplifies its belief in Mr. Szabo’s knowledge and experience in the FX industry, following his long career at IG Markets.

Mr. Szabo launched his FX career when the industry was in its infancy, as a graduate trainee for IG Markets at the end of 1996. In September of 1997, he became a futures dealer, where he learned the ins and out of FX trading. By being at the center of the company’s trading activity, he was able to acquire a great deal of knowledge and expertise, and to obtain an in depth understanding of the market itself.

Roughly a year and a half later, he was promoted to Head of Futures and Options, showing great promise and an aptitude for moving forward. He maintained this position for over three years, prior to officially becoming Head of Dealing for IG’s operations at the start of 2004.

Climb to the Top

In January of 2007, just as the FX industry was gaining tremendous momentum and increasing in popularity, Mr. Szabo took his career to the next level, receiving a promotion to Managing Director of IG Australia.

Until his recent move to Pepperstone, Mr. Szabo spent his entire professional career with IG Markets, who groomed him from inside the firm. In January 2011, he became CEO of IG’s Asia Pacific operations, as he had the familiarity and knowhow of IG’s operational capacity in the region obtained from his previous roles with the company. He also served as a director and chairman during this time.

Prior to joining Pepperstone, Mr. Szabo’s most recent position at IG Markets was Interim Chief Executive Officer of IG’s Australia and New Zealand arm. He served in this position from late 2015 until June 2017, when he and the company parted ways.

As he looks to the future, Mr. Szabo joins Pepperstone and brings with him an abundance of experience and knowledge. Serving as an executive at IG Markets through many operational and regulatory changes over the past two decades has surely exposed him to a great deal of adaption, due to the dynamic nature of the FX industry. Pepperstone will look to leverage his abilities to improve the company’s future outlook.

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