ICE Brand Names Gaming Specialist Stephen Crystal As Ambassador Of ESports And Gaming

Weeks ahead of ICE London 2020 —which will be held 4-6 February 2020, at ExCeL London—, organizers Clarion Gaming have confirmed leading US gaming specialist Stephen A. Crystal, Esq. as Ambassador of eSports and Gaming across all its ICE-branded events.

Crystal, who has over 20 years’ industry experience gained at leading US firms including DigiDeal Corporation, Las Vegas Gaming, Tablemax and, most recently, Casino Scouts, will start his role as part of the ground-breaking Esports Arena, one of the many stand-out features that comprise ICE London.

Commenting on his new role, Crystal said: “Concerning eSports and the gaming entertainment industry at ICE London 2020, I’m looking forward to a concentrated deep dive into the current thoughts on the sector – from the grand aspirational visions to the smart, executable products, services, and experiences created for today’s markets. Beyond that, I will continue to work with the individuals and industries to foster steady maturation of the eSports gaming market. Moonshots are exciting, but enduring growth in the eSports and gaming industry requires delivering long-term, easily accessible value to all parties in the community.”

ICE London 2020 will showcase an industry-first, 800sqm Esports Arena which will host a world-leading eSports tournament broadcast live to an online global audience in excess of 5 million.  Discussing the importance of Clarion Gaming enhancing eSports’ position in such a way, Crystal said: “It is imperative to me, personally, and I am sure, to everyone who believes in the future of eSports and gaming entertainment. As I said earlier, high profile milestones in the growth of the sector are essential to keeping wind in the sails of the eSports and gaming industry. Lasting change, however, depends on the actions of hundreds of industry leaders and visionaries, connecting, creating, improving and extending exchanges of real value with consumers.

“At ICE London, I hope to see continued moves that integrate eSports and Gaming into higher frequency consumer experiences, along with the lower frequency, high profile, high investment events that follow the attention that eSports currently enjoys. Gaming, eSports and the pro scene are part of the daily and weekly experiences of huge global populations. We need to provide value to all consumer points of contact, when and where they are needed.

“I believe aspiration drives eSports and Gaming – a natural drive to compete, the excitement of experiencing progress and the anchoring thrill of the win,” he continued.  “We must, therefore, work to create tiered experiences throughout the industry for the consumer. Individuals aspiring to engage with groups. Groups participating in local events.  Local events concentrate excitement and talent regionally, nationally and globally. There must always be the opportunity to experience the ‘next thing’ and participate further when consumers want to reach up and out.”

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