Freewallet Users Can Now Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and More with Credit Cards

Freewallet, known for its Monero and other altcoin mobile wallets, has launched buying cryptocurrency with credit cards. This was achieved thanks to an integration agreement with London-based exchange platform Indacoin. As the feature has been added to all its Android apps, Freewallet users now can buy any supported cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash and more with credit and debit cards.

According to Freewallet research, 25% of its customers are new to cryptocurrencies. These types of users want a simple way to buy coins directly on the app. Since its development, Freewallet has aimed to make the cryptocurrency market friendlier to its clients, both pros and amateurs. It says its service sticks to cool and simple solutions, and explains that the new feature remains true to this concept.

“The partnership with Indacoin has helped us to realize the idea of in-app purchases with a few taps. We are still improving some parts of the service to make the process smoother. And we need your feedback to go in the right direction”, says Alvin Hagg, Freewallet founder.

Last month we reported that Freewallet released three new apps and expanded its family of wallets to eleven products. “While Bitcoin is slowly passing away,” as they put it, Freewallet completed the release of Zcash, Ardor and NXT cryptocurrencies wallets.

(Photo: Freewallet)

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