Freewallet Has Released Mobile-First Wallet for “Ethereum Alternative” Lisk

Freewallet Lisk Wallet has just been added on Google Play, and will be published on the Apple App store soon. Recently, the firm has promoted beta testing of two new apps on Twitter: Dogecoin Wallet and Lisk Wallet. Both cryptocurrencies were supported by their communities, but Freewallet says that the Lisk wallet idea was warmer welcomed, as there was no easy-to-use solution for LSK assets management until now.

Freewallet is mostly focused on new altcoins with what it calls big promising ideas, and for now the biggest star in its portfolio is an Ethereum Wallet. Lisk is a decentralized applications and custom blockchain platform meant to be an easier solution for Dapps developers as it uses JavaScript, the popular programming language unlike Ethereum that created its own script.

“As Lisk is mostly focused on developing a platform for blockchain applications, we can take part in their revolutionary ideas, by providing the front-end for end-users. I chatted with Max – Lisk founder, and as it turns out, both of us have a similar vision on creating a marketplace for blockchain applications”, says Alvin Hagg, Freewallet founder.

“Lisk is more suitable for developers, as it uses JavaScript. We are not yet ready to try to develop something on the Lisk platform, but we already estimate what could be built on it”, added Alvin.

New features

Besides releasing new wallets, the Freewallet team have also extended the functionality of their apps by adding a new “Smart Pay Out” feature. Smart Pay Out allows anyone to convert a specific cryptocurrency into almost any other existing cryptocurrency directly from the app.

For example, a Freewallet user can send coins from their Ethereum wallet directly to any different cryptocurrency wallet (address), like Litecoin, Dash, and others. Moreover, if a user sends coins between different Freewallet apps, the transaction will be transferred instantly.

(Photo: Freewallet)

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