FortuneZ Makes Its Mark On LAToken’s Blockchain Economic Forum

LAToken, cryptocurrency exchange platform recently hosted a Blockchain Economic Forum in which speakers from diverse industries had the opportunity in sharing their views on the laws of investment during the Covid-19 pandemic. FortuneZ COO, Francine Jansen shared her valuable insights on investment trends that could surface from the pandemic.

When asked on whether or not investors and VC’s are still investing in this pandemic, Jansen commented, “While some of the countries top VC’s reflect on stories of laws, others anticipate a bright future where a new generation of entrepreneurs emerge to address a whole new era of problem solving. And this is what we’re looking in terms of trends and in terms of economic movement right now. She goes on to add that “investors and VC’s are definitely investing because there are a lot of potential businesses right now trying to solve the pandemic issues”. 

She continued to share on emerging investment trends from the Covid-19 outbreak expressing that, “The focus would definitely be on e-economy, anything and everything that is associated with online, digital, internet would definitely make money. With this pandemic itself, we’re forced to take traditional ways of conducting businesses, moving it online.

“Currently, the hiring demand for digital marketers and content creators are increasing and even more so with SEO experts. This is an investment trend that is going to impact businesses in a lot of ways, a lot of potential right there and we do need to be on the lookout for more opportunities that is going to arise from these businesses that is eventually going to move online.” she added.

Other speakers of the forum included Rohit Bafnar founder of 888 VC, Dr.Richard Satur founder and CEO of, Dr.Vaibhav Adhlakha founder of QuickX as well as Gaurav Dubey Managing Partner of 01EX Capital. The forum ended with 2Local and XRWeb pitching on their respective projects.

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