FDCTech Taps GCEX for FX and Cryptocurrency Liquidity

FDCTech, a forex and CFDs trading technology provider, has signed crypto startup GCEX to provide 24-hour crypto trading, as well as FX and crypto liquidity using FDC’s Condor FX Pro trading platform.

FDCTech’s flagship product, Condor FX Pro, provides an institutional trading suite for professional clients with proprietary charting tools, advanced order types, level II pricing and instant entry and execution.

According to its website, GCEX was established in 2018 in order to cater to the demand for regulated exposure to the digital asset market. The company leverages its UK authorization to provide funds, brokers, asset managers, professional traders and banks with compliant Fintech products, including AI applications. Additionally, the offering enables clients to automate on-boarding, offer and trade digital assets and forex with deep liquidity from top banks, as well as solutions for clearing.

Headquartered in London, GCEX (GC Exchange Limited) is no stranger to the FX space as it has previously completed API integration with two of the leading bridge and institutional liquidity providers, Gold-i’s Matrix NETwork and oneZero.

Commenting on the news, GCEX’s CEO and Founder Lars Holst said: “As market volatility continues to drive FX and crypto trading volumes, we believe a robust but flexible trading technology infrastructure is vital to capitalize on this trend. By partnering with FDC, we have ensured that we can deliver a world-class trading experience where brokers can access our tier 1 FX and crypto liquidity.”

FDCTech Modifies Its Branding

FDC Founder and CEO, Mitch Eaglstein added: “GCEX is the leading source of multi-asset liquidity for brokers worldwide. Moreover, GCEX’s team has in-depth business experience building successful global FX brokerages over the last two decades. By adding FDC’s trading platform and software development expertise, GCEX can provide turn-key and affordable solutions for entrants looking to access FX and crypto markets.”

Condor FX is fully integrated into a native back office, reporting, and management technology, as well as desktop GUI, webtrader and mobile terminals.

The FDC CEO said last year he expects the latest edition of the platform, Condor FX Pro 5.0, to be an alternative to Metatrader, adding that they had already signed licensing agreements with many financial institutions even before its roll-out.

Furthermore, FDCTech, formerly known as Forex Development Corporation, has an API integration with one of the leading bridge and institutional liquidity providers, PrimeXM. Before that, the New York-based company has been recognized across the industry as a provider of technology packages that equip companies to operate as prime brokers.

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