Epic Games Talks eSports With FortuneZ

Epic Games talks eSports with FortuneZ. On September 17, Francine Jansen, COO of FortuneZ sat down in an interview with Quentin Staes-Polet, GM of Southeast Asia & India of Epic Games to pick his brain on topics surrounding the eSports arena.

When asked about his view on the potential of eSports in Southeast Asia and India, Quentin shared “what’s really taken off is mobile, smartphone..has taken off worldwide first. In Southeast Asia and India in the last four years was reliance in the telco space. We’ve seen gaming on mobile grow very very fast and therefore the eSports has followed. There’s a real economy now around gaming and around eSports and the community can now connect and compete internationally now. So i think we’re just looking at the tip of the iceberg, the beginning of this growth.” 

In terms of what can be seen as a potential to further fortify mobile sports and eSports, Quentin touched on connectivity, saying “what we see definitely is connectivity. Another strong aspect that’s required in eSports is fairness of the game. And to do that we need to have device, connectivity and fair system. I think that it’s still involving and it’s still early. How the customer would connect to the brand in eSports is different than how they would connect in other sports.” 

Sharing his views on the future of eSports, the GM of Southeast Asia and India spoke on visual reality and how that is the focus of Epic Games. “We try to simulate environments as close to reality as possible. That can only mean the look and feel, it means the light, it means how you simulate entities in those environment. We’ve been pushing all those things on one end and things like digital humans. We’ve very much focused on that visual environment creation. That’s what we’re known for and with innovation you see in GPU, you see a big leap towards that simulation of reality.” 

Quentin Staes-Polet serves as Epic Games’ General Manager of Southeast Asia and India and is leading the company’s expansion into the region. Epic is a leading interactive entertainment company and provider of 3D engine technology. A data-driven business leader, passionate about creative content, social media and disruptive technologies, Quentin has over 25 years of experience at the intersection of media and technology in Asia. 

Prior to joining Epic in 2019, he held regional roles at Unity Technologies, Improbable and Ankama. In his varied career, Quentin has even founded his own VC-funded game company, Kreeda Games India. Before joining the gaming world, Quentin held strategic leadership roles at IBM and Universal Music Group. Quentin holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the Solvay Brussels School. 

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