Crypto Influencer Ben Armstrong Names 4 Cryptoassets That Could Surge in March

Popular analyst and crypto influencer Ben Armstrong has identified four crypto-assets that could perform well this month.

According to a recent YouTube update, Bitcoin has the greatest price potential in the coming month. Armstrong told followers now was the time to invest in the cryptocurrency ahead of another push to $60k.

He said: “Let’s face facts: Bitcoin is way outperforming what we all felt it could do at this point. February started out with a bang and a massive move to almost $60,000 before a giant retracement at the end of the month.”

Armstrong was bullish on the decentralized finance project Terra (LUNA), which he said functions as “programmable money for the internet.” He explained the project was a digital payments platform pegged to different currencies, thereby allowing users to spend their crypto in a “seamless” manner.

Armstrong also has a positive outlook for the DeFi project Nord Finance (NORD). He called the coin his “low-cap gem of the month” and noted he was front-running on the asset with a market capitalization of under $10 million.

The popular trader rounded out his top four picks with Alpha Finance (ALPHA). Armstrong said the project would likely make a push into the top 100 by the end of March, and noted the coin was on the verge of another breakout.

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