Crypto Trader Lark Davis Names Five Altcoins He Believes Could 100x This Cycle

Crypto trader and influencer Lark Davis has updated followers on five altcoins that could provide exponential gains during the current bull cycle.

In a recent YouTube video, Davis said he was following five small-market capitalization altcoins that had the potential to provide massive returns.

Davis highlighted SeaScape Network, a decentralized finance (DeFi) project that aims to unite gaming with cryptocurrency. He called the gaming industry “incredibly big” and noted the community was a natural fit for the blockchain world.

He said, “Now this is a gaming ecosystem platform for DeFi and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) so basically what we’re seeing here is they’re tapping into the hottest trends in cryptocurrency right now.”

Davis also featured the recently launched Bridge Mutual token (BMI), a decentralized insurance project built upon Polkadot’s network. The crypto analyst said the project was aiming for an underserved sector of the DeFi market by going after insurance.

Davis was bullish on the outlook for Sifchain Finance (ROWAN), an omni-chain DeFi exchange supporting cross-chain transactions. He noted registration for the token sale was closed but would open the retail market in the near future. He predicted investors would likely benefit from the token reaching crypto exchanges.

Davis also highlighted the Polkadot-built Paralink and automated money manager DAOventures as two projects to keep an eye on.

He said of the latter, “They’re basically looking to make DeFi super easy for the average person to use so they’re kind of addressing the same market as something like (YFI), but it’s going to offer a really simple way to do it.”

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