Cloud9 Finishes CS:GO Roster Rebuild With Es3tag Signing

Cloud9 finishes CS:GO roster rebuild with Es3tag signing. The selling of Patrick ‘es3tag’ Hansen to the North American organisation Cloud9 has been verified by Danish CS: GO powerhouse Astralis. Since releasing its previous lineup last month, Cloud9 has been undergoing a full CS: GO roster rebuild. Only a few months after signing with Astralis, Es3tag is now joining the team, marking the completion of the new roster for Cloud9.

American esports organization Cloud9 has been rebuilding its CS:GO division since September, after parting ways with its previous lineup. The organization kicked off its rebuild project with the additions of former CS:GO commentator Henry “HenryG” Greer and former 100 Thieves coach Aleksandar “kassad” Trifunović. The two joined as general manager and head coach, respectively. Player signings have been announced periodically since the rebuild began, with the organization taking on another European-majority roster.

News broke earlier this year that Danish superteam Astralis were planning to sign es3tag as a sixth member, after the 24-year-old had made a name for himself on Heroic. After waiting out his Heroic contract, es3tag joined Astralis’ active roster on July 1st, while Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth and Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander were on leave. Es3tag remained on the active lineup after gla1ve’s return, though was expected to be moved back to the bench after Xyp9x rejoined the team in November.

Es3tag competed in two events under the Astralis banner, finishing 5-8th in ESL One Cologne 2020 Europe and later winning ESL Pro League Season 12 Europe. The team is currently playing in DreamHack Open Fall, having secured an early group stage win over Heroic. This event will be es3tag’s last with the team before transferring to Cloud9 on October 25th.

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