‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ Adds Duos Mode In Battle Royale

Call of Duty : Warzone adds duos mode in battle Royale. The game has a new mode for Battle Royale that could make or break friendships. In Duos mode, you play as a two-person team to battle enemies in Verdansk, complete contracts and beat other squads to be the last pair standing at the end.

You can either play with a friend or, if you’re feeling up for a challenge, team up with a random player whom you think can hold their own.

“Duos is quite possibly the ultimate test of friendship and teamwork,” Warzone’s announcement reads. Unlike in trios or quads, you’ll only have one other teammate to watch your back, after all. You can revive your teammate if they go down like in the other non-solo modes, but if you’re too late, they get sent to the Gulag where they have to win a 1v1 battle to get back to the game.

If they die in the Gulag and you still want to play with them, you’ll have the chance to get them back from the Buy Station. You can also just keep fighting paired up players solo if you decide being a lone wolf is a much better choice.

[image: Youtube]

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