Binance CEO Urges Followers To Install Brave Browser

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, has asked his 500,000 Twitter followers to install the Brave Browser so as to stay private on the web.

Today, he stated in a tweet, saying, “Sorry, Bitcoin isn’t free. (no, it’s not going to zero) Privacy is. You just have to install the brave browser. Protect yourself.”

The Brave Browser is a privacy-first internet browser based on Chromium. It has numerous privacy features, for example, blockchain ads and tracking devices — such as the Facebook pixel — that follow you across the internet.

Brave browser likewise includes a cryptocurrency wallet that supports its native BAT token. With this token, you can compensate your preferred sites by sending BAT directly to them. You can likewise get rewarded in BAT for seeing advertisements if you feel like.

Brave partnered with Binance in March to let users exchange digital currency directly with the browser. As per the declaration, Brave users can choose to utilize the Binance widget and purchase and sell Bitcoin (BTC) without expecting to go to the cryptocurrency exchange.

Brave additionally offers all the more method for taking care of your privacy. While most of the browsers offer an “incognito mode,” which do nothing than hiding your history from others who use your browser. Rather, Brave Browser lets you use Tor — perhaps the most ideal approach to anonymize your browsing — within the browser. Tor conceals your history as well as veils your location from websites you visit by directing your browsing via a few servers before it arrives its goal.

[image credit : Brave]

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