Amelia Tomasicchio Knighted Chevalier by Crypto Chain University’s ‘Order of Arts & Technology’

Today, Crypto Chain University’s ‘Ordre des Arts et Technologies’, when translated from French to English means ‘Order of Arts & Technology’, officially commissioned Amelia Tomasicchio, as Chevalier, to champion technological arts in across Europe, from Switzerland. Crypto Chain University is the oldest institution for compilation of Crypto and Blockchain research in the world, established in 2010.

“We are glad to award Amelia Tomasicchio to join the exclusive Order’s ranks as Chevalier, as she has been actively championing technological arts and provide educational value across Europe, from Switzerland through ‘The Cryptonomist’ publication.” said Herbert Sim, founder of Crypto Chain University. “The Institute constantly explores on collaboration and partnerships opportunities with to include of courses or at the very least, knowledge of ‘blockchain technologies’ and ‘cryptocurrencies’ into other universities’ curriculum, to educate and equip students with the knowledge of this disruptive technology, that will be eventually and indefinitely be mass-adopted across industries.”

“I am humbled to join the Order in propagating the fields of technological arts of Blockchain, as well as for the University, across Europe, from Switzerland,” said Amelia Tomasicchio, Chevalier of ‘Ordre des Arts et Technologies’ by Crypto Chain University. “In line with the Institute’s vision, the knowledge and adoption of blockchain technology is key towards the entire region’s technological advancement and growth.”

Amelia, currently the CEO of Cryptonomist, comes with years of editorial experience from various industries apart from crypto. Former CMO at Edioo; editor at BitCiak; and former contributor to CoinTelegraph, Bitcoin Chaser, and NewsBTC. Amelia has a Master’s degree from Digital Coach; and Bachelor degree in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management from Sapienza Università di Roma.

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