World Match Launches Air Force

[image credit : World Match]

A little over two weeks since releasing its Fantasy Island game, online gaming software developer World Match Limited has further added to its portfolio of high-definition multi-line slots with the premiere of its Air Force title.

Malta-based World Match released its Space Monsters, Insect World and Fire Rescue slots last month while April saw it premiere three titles in the B-Boys Street and Farm Adventures titles alongside the Golden Flash table game.

World Match also premiered its Crime Records slot earlier this month while the developer stated that Air Force is being made available in several versions featuring differing payout levels ‘to satisfy all kinds of players and the operators’ strategic objectives’.

“The air force has scrambled its aviators to intercept the enemy’s threat coming from the sky,” read a statement from World Match.

“The pilots are ready to cut through the sky to defend their country even at the cost of their own lives. Air Force recreates the scenario of the most thrilling sky battle and the players will be involved in the ultimate fight for the victory.”

World Match declared that Air Force comes complete with its ‘controls toolbar’ to make it the ‘user-friendliest slot’ by providing more information in addition to free spins, wilds, auto-play, fast-play and spin stop.

“Air Force high-definition from World Match is a very interactive multi-line slot machine thanks also to its bonus game that engages the player in a very thrilling mission,” read the statement from World Match.

“They player will indeed feel the excitement of skydiving. The choice is among four brave paratroopers and five targets to win the hugest available prize.”

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