Welcome To The Blockchain (The Bitcoin Song) By Toby Ganger + Decap

Fresh out of the oven, launched yesterday on YouTube is original hip hip and rap song by Toby Ganger + Decap entitled ‘Welcome To The Blockchain‘.

In the song, his vocals speak to the economic and political interests of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency community and the technology itself.

We’ve put together the lyrics of the song below.

Toby Ganger + Decap – Welcome To The Blockchain (The Bitcoin Song)


We’re now standing on the precipice of a global revolution
Of economics, politics, and government
Welcome to the blockchain

Power corrupts and money is power
The power to control the money is one that is now
In the hands of those who pretend we can’t function without them
So how can we do something about it? (huh?)

Working hard to get a raise, lifting that wage up
Inflation takes it like a hidden taxation
Manipulated interest rates to give the banks
A way to create money with the loans that they’re giving out daily
That means our money is debt
Gotta pay it back more than a hundred percent
It’s no wonder then why the middle class is going under
When the one’s above them gotta cover and come to collect

And many have no access to banking,
Making payments, or saving, so more fees are taken
And everyday the gatekeepers are trying to stop change
We can not wait, welcome to the block chain

Welcome to the blockchain
Things are about to change
Open up the gates
Systems get replaced

Decentralize the trust
Security, transparency
The network’s run by us


Bitcoin is a decentralized ledger
And the currency is its first enterprise ever
Secured by the worldwide incentivized network
Can’t be stolen or controlled by any sized effort
You can send it anywhere and instantly
No one can intervene, no third party in between
There’s no counterfeiting
Algorithms control the outer limits of how many coins can get released

Programmable money, no government can seize it
Payments can be customized by sender and receiver
Contracts can be written cementing your agreements
With terms that can’t be bent once you consent then it completes it

Autonomous businesses are possible
Where profit is distributed amongst those adopting it
Paradigm shift we must adjust to the ending
With the blockchain, bitcoin is just the beginning



Now that we got control
We’re not gonna let it go
My people all around the globe
We gotta keep building, building, building

Now that we got control
We’re not gonna let it go
My people all around the globe
We gotta keep building, building, building


(Photo: Toby Ganger)

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