Valorant’s New Ranked System May Arrive In August

Valorant’s new ranked system may arrive in August. Valorant players have been demanding the introduction of a dedicated ranking system since its release. The program, many argued, would allow players to genuinely outstand and enjoy the added benefit of developing their skills by competing with others.

Riot Games has confirmed they are working on a new and improved ranking system. According to Riot Games, and a recent leak, the new ranking system will be a major improvement on the existing system , enabling players to advance through the levels in an appropriate manner and be more closely balanced with individuals with their own skill rating.

ELO, the metric used to rank players in Riot Games’ products, is now visibly available, and Riot Games has confirmed that more changes are on the way to make the ranked system what everyone expects – a way to match evenly-skilled gamers.

A new report suggests that the long-anticipated ranking system will be coming to the game in August.

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