Unlicensed Operators Drive Gambling Growth In Sweden

Swedish Gambling Authority reports that unlicensed operators have driven growth in 2018.

With less than two months to go until the newly re-regulated Swedish gambling market goes live, the Swedish Gambling Authority has published a report showing that growth in 2018 was driven by unlicensed operators.

The total Swedish gambling market reported gross gaming revenues after payment of winnings of SEK 16.8 billion, for the first three quarters, which was up 1.2% year-on-year.

  • Unlicensed operators witnessed gross gaming revenue grow by 12.4% to SEK 4.5 billion
  • Licensed operators saw revenue fall by 2.4% to SEK 12.2 billion.
  • Market share for licensed operators was 73%
  • Market share for unlicensed operators was 27%
  • Online gambling grew 12.9%
  • Land-based gambling decreased 8.4%
  • Betting increased 13.6%
  • Online casino increased 11.9%

State-operated Svenska Spel saw gross gaming revenue fall by 1.6% to SEK 6.4 billion, with land-based gambling slumping by 9.4% and online gambling rocketing by 22.5%.

ATG meanwhile saw gross gaming revenue fall by 0.4% to SEK 3.1 billion, with land-based gambling sinking 10% and online gambling growing by 6.7%.

Non-state owned Swedish gambling organisations Folkspel, with Bingolotto and Sverigelotten also saw gross gaming revenue fall, by 1.3% to SEK 345 million.

The Swedish Postcode Association saw a slump of 5.1% in gross gaming revenue to SEK 1.6 billion. While IOGT-NTO, with Miljonlotteriet and others, saw a gross gaming revenue crash a massive 24.8% to SEK 171 million.

SAP/SSU, with Kombilotteriet and others, likewise saw a steep fall in gross gaming revenue of 10.7% to SEK 143 million.

Other national lotteries, including Cancerfonden, PRO and others did see a small rise in gross gaming revenue of 0.7% to SEK 145 million.

Meanwhile operators without Swedish licenses, saw gross gaming revenue jump 12.4% to SEK 4.5 billion.

The figures serve to highlight how the state-run and traditional Swedish gambling organisations have failed to keep pace with the rapidly evolving unlicensed international operators that players are increasingly flocking to.

It also reaffirms the wisdom of Sweden’s decision to liberalise the gambling market through thorough re-regulation, rather than trying to fight a damaging reactionary war against international operators, like some countries are attempting to.

(Photo: © Ognjen Stevanovic | Dreamstime.com)

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