Tyler Winklevoss, CEO And Co-Founder Of Gemini Calls Bitcoin A ‘Vaccine’

[image credit : Pixabay]

Tyler Winklevoss, the CEO and Co-Founder of digital asset exchange Gemini, said in a recent Tweet that he thinks of Bitcoin as a “Vaccine”.

An important member of the cryptocurrency community on Twitter who promptly agreed with Tyler Winklevoss’s assessment was the Digital Asset Strategist/Director at the asset management firm VanEck, Gabor Gurbacs.

It is interesting that both Winklevoss and Gurbacs refer to Bitcoin as the “Vaccine” in light of the fact that, for the last couple of years, another highly influential cryptocurrency influencer, Anthony Pompliano (also known as “Pomp”), the Co-founder and Partner at crypto-centered venture firm Morgan Creek Digital Assets, has been advancing the meme “the virus is spreading” while tweeting about BTC.

Symptoms of the “cash printing disease” that Winklevoss is alluding to in his tweet are the ongoing activities of the Federal Reserve (otherwise known as “the Fed”) in light of the immense economic danger to the US and the world economy posed by COVID-19.

The Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, as CNBC announced, said in a meeting with US television network NBC’s “TODAY” program that the US national banks will keep on giving liquidity to organizations that need it

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