Twitch Makes It Easier For Esports Organizations To Hold Their Own Tournaments


It is currently in closed beta but in the future Twitch plans to make it widely available.

Twitch makes it easier for promoters of small esports to conduct tournaments and stream them on the website. The platform has released a beta version of a new end-to – end tool suite called Versus by Twitch, which offers a fast way of developing competitions, handling and approving registrations, and streaming them for viewers. In its announcement Twitch wrote:

“We understand not all competition organizers have the tools or resources needed to host esports tournaments and it’s important to us to ensure we’re empowering organizers and players of all sizes and skill levels.”

Twitch says it’s going to spend the next few months making sure Versus can manage both casual and complex events before rolling out the toolsuite. However, it plans to give as many people access as soon as possible. Recently, the Amazon affiliate has ramped up its sporting activities, even launching an esports database to help audiences locate live tournaments.Twitch also plans to continue actively investing in Twitch Competitors, which offers tournaments for users on the website.

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