Tunisia Ministry of Communication Looking into Bitcoin, Blockchain Tech

Tunisia’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies is apparently looking to get up to speed on Bitcoin and its blockchain technology, reportedly posting an unpaid internship position for those with knowledge in the fields.

The posting, which was done in French, is ironically the second unpaid position to become known in the discipline in recent days. It was recently discovered that French bank Société Générale (SocGen) is hiring for an IT Developer on Bitcoin, Blockchains & Crypto-Currencies in London. The role is part of the bank’s “International Volunteer Program”, and “is at the forefront of SocGen’s attempt at anticipating sweeping changes in the banking sector caused by Fintech and adapt to it.”

The position at the Tunisian ministry is designed to investigate the pros and cons of Bitcoin and analyze its potential impact in the banking system. As well, the candidate would present applications of blockchain technology for functions such as information security, transparency, privacy and freedom.

The development of blockchain technology for new, non-Bitcoin applications holds much promise, but is still in its infancy. Some financial institutions have assembled teams with dozens of people, while others are prodding the surface to see if there’s anything there.

Governments, previously more concerned with how to regulate digital currencies, have recently become cognizant of the potential impacts harnessed by blockchain technology. In addition to now encouraging innovation in the field, governments have also sought how they can make use of such technology.

(Photo: pixabay)

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