Taiwan Increases Lottery Prizes to Promote Cloud Receipts

The Taiwanese Government believes changes to the lottery will encourage people to ask for more cloud receipts. 

In Taiwan, cloud receipts amounted for 31.6% of all electronic receipts last yearaccording to the Ministry of Finance (MOF).  

The Ministry wants this figure to rise to 38% by the end of this year and feels this can be achieved by persuading lottery players.   

The MOF aims to do this by increasing the number of prizes for the July-August lottery and will make it exclusive to only cloud receipt holders. 

It will increase the number of NT$500 ($17.24) prizes and also introduce a brand-new NT$800 prize.  

Earlier this week, the Ministry amended the Uniform Invoice Award Regulations to increase prizes. The changes are set to begin as soon as the March-April lottery takes place. 

In late February, the Ministry announced its desire to increase prizes and that these would only be available to those who hold cloud receipts.  

The number of winners for the NT$1m prize will also double from 15 to 30, while winners for the NT$2,000 prize will rise by 1,000; bringing the total to 16,000. 

The increase of winners for the NT$500 is set to be made next; the prize is given out 600,000 times on a regular basis.

(Photo: flickr)

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