South Korea Adopts Blockchain To Healthcare

South Korea adopts blockchain to healthcare. South Korea’s government is making every effort to implement blockchain technology in various industries. The central bank of the country is reviewing the use of a digital currency in the central bank, and various government departments want to incorporate decentralized identification features within their existing structures. Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and research centers also look at solutions to blockchains.

The government of South Korea encourages blockchain technology and conducts several proof-of – concept projects to find a proper way to connect blockchain to the current system. Blockchain proof-of – concept projects started in 2019 by the nation’s Ministry of Science and ICT and its National IT Industry Promotion Agency.

Blockchain brings decentralized solutions to departments that rely on clear, accurate daily information to treat their patients. In South Korea, a country that is very open to blockchain technology and its potential, new technology is now being used to develop a blockchain-based data registry platform that has been set up to help more than 11 million people living in the country who suffer from chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

[image: Shawn Ang]

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