South Australia Fast-Tracks Live Odds Ban

[image credit : Artshub]

The plan from the state government of South Australia to fast-track a ban on the advertising of live odds betting has been approved by the region’s Independent Gambling Authority.

The advertising of live odds betting will be banned on commercial and pay television in addition via radio and at at sports venues from August 1.

Betting companies that breach the new regulations will face fines of up to AUD$100,000 ($91,000) and a possible ban on operating in South Australia.

“We are taking significant action to reduce the intolerable burden of problem gambling in our communities,” Jay Wetherill, Premier for South Australia, told

“This was the last hurdle in South Australia’s push for a ban on advertising of live odds. We know that these are practical and responsible changes and, importantly, we know they can be implemented quickly.

“We have received co-operation from the media and gambling industries on these changes and I expect their co-operation will continue during implementation. Ultimately, it will be all of us that will benefit from these significant changes.”

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