Sony Stopping Production Of Several PS4 Models, According To Japanese Retailer

Sony stopping production of several PS4 models according to Japanese retailer. A Japanese retailer has suggested that the production of several different PS4 models are expected to be discontinued by Sony.

The native Japanese user posted the tweet over the past weekend, in which a retailer in Japan put up a sign informing customers that Sony will cease manufacture of certain PS4 models. These models include the Glacier White PS4, the 1TB PS4 model, the Glacier White 1TB PS4 model, the 2TB PS4 model, and the Glacier White PS4 Pro. Right now, there hasn’t been confirmation of the production news from either Sony or overseas retailers outside of Japan.

Back in December, the official PlayStation Direct Store indicated that the PS4 Pro model would not be restocked in the near future, appearing to confirm that manufacturing of the upgraded PS4 would cease. Sony has yet to confirm on the ceasing of the production on the mentioned PS4 models.

[image: Nikita Kachanovsky]

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