SiGMA Virtual Expo Continues With Day 2

The SiGMA Virtual Expo continued with day 2 on November 25th. This time, Managing Director of 2NT8 Limited, Alidad Tash and Managing Director of Tottenham & Co, Andrew Tottenham joined moderator and CEO of 86 connects, Annie Siara, to discuss the well-known contemporary phenomenon of integrated resorts and the prospect of this concept in Europe.

The panel started off by defining ‘integrated resorts’ and explained how, apart from the gaming and casino sides, it is full of entertainment, hostels, hotels, restaurants. Annie Siara then asked the IR experts to describe and elaborate on it themselves.

Andrew Tottenham compared it to a theme park, stating that with the same reach and the same vision, a large number of people will be attracted to it –  which is  the purpose of IR’s in the first place, but it is important that the whole package is there, ready to be served’ to the customer.

Alidad Tash praised what Tottenham said, adding that the benefit of concepts such as IR’s and for example, theme parks, is the ‘giant’ compactness of the place; having a small town of sorts that has places to eat, places for entertainment, places to rest and places to play, effectively saying that the cliche phrase here applies more than ever, ‘Time is money”.

Tash explained how Europe has always been the most famous gambling continent, a rich past that has always integrated the daring and exciting play-factor of this industry, and how in his view, the continent is not yet aware of how great IRs will be and how better they will be.

Following that was a webinar on player experience which featured SiGMA founder, Eman Pulis. The event ended with the AIBC segment of the expo which touched on digital currencies and DeFi.

Global Policy Houseners CEO Michelle Civunga N, Founder and CEO of Universal, Alexander Borodich, and Frank Schuengel, Head of Business Development & Operations at Q Services, joined moderator and Business Development Manager at United Remote, Jess Walker to discuss the potential of government issued digital currencies.

Borodich says that eventually the shift will happen and that “It’s very exciting to see how the world is going digital and we will probably then up with a truly decentralized, global, digital currency at the end.”

Speaking on DeFi was co-founder of Dash Next, Felix Mago, Digital & Blockchain Business Consultant Stefan Kovach and Crypto Analyst, Tone Vays, joined by ZBX CEO Dave Pulis as the moderator. They discussed DEFI banks and their potential to restructure the financial world.

Essentially, the talk on Bitcoin took centre stage. Vays shared that people can now use Bitcoin which is a decentralized form of money transfer. Mago followed suite saying how unpredictable it is, and how there is a need to make it more accessible to the masses. Stefan complimented Mago on the user-experience stressed by Mago himself, and the importance of trying to see how regulators will approach Defi.

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