Roger Ver Donates $10K In Bitcoin Cash To Casa De Amparo Children’s Shelter

Roger Ver donates $10k in Bitcoin Cash to Casa De Amparo children’s shelter. Just recently’s Roger Ver donated $10,000 worth of bitcoin cash to the charitable organisation Casa de Amparo. The charity organisation helps children escape child abuse and neglect. Since 1978, Casa de Amparo has offered a myriad of programs that help those affected by and at risk of child abuse in San Diego County.

Ver donated the money to help the Casa de Amparo children’s shelter because it was one of the hardest-hit programs, after the coronavirus lockdowns and industry shutdowns hurt the local economy.

Ver’s gift of $10K worth of bitcoin cash will go to children in need and kids who deserve shelter. Casa Family member and Executive Director Tamara Fleck-Myers recently explained that the charity is facing challenging times with the Covid-19 pandemic. Donations and community support give Fleck-Myers, Plantholt, and other Casa Family members hope that they can stay “prepared and have an amazing family of staff capable of supporting each other and our youth during these times.”

Since 1978, the nonprofit Casa de Amparo has been helping children who are currently affected by child abuse or are at risk of maltreatment. Casa de Amparo has expanded a great deal since it was initiated, and the organisation offers “six programs serving all of San Diego County, with locations in Oceanside and San Marcos.”  

The charity’s mission statement states that “Casa de Amparo was founded by a small group of local women concerned about domestic violence and the welfare of children” Led by the Women’s Resource Center and supported by local police, this team pushed for a safe home for children (then known as The Crisis Center and now called Residential Services) for those affected by or at risk of child abuse.

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