Ripple’s Refreshed Xpring Platform and Looks to Boost XRP Development

Ripple has combined its broad Xpring developer platform into a single site. The new platform aims to allow crypto and non-crypto developers to integrate payments into any mobile application. Now, offers those developers a wallet, new tools, technical documentation and Xrping customer service.

The new platform was announced in October, though the company needed two months to build features which allows users to have an account associated with the platform, said Ethan Beard, senior vice president of Xpring.

“That will be the central hub for developers to manage everything they need when it comes to integrating payments into their apps,” Beard said.

Xpring claims that the platform’s Software Development Kit (SDK) takes 100 lines of code and condenses it to 21 lines. The platform is a new vertical for Xpring, which has acted as an investment arm for Ripple for more than a year, with the goal of building a network of companies and use-cases around XRP. The initiative is aimed at investing in and growing a developer base around the cryptocurrency.

With the wallet, which is currently available on XRP Testnet, developers can generate and manage account credentials, view balances, send and receive cryptocurrency and monitor transaction history. Developers can also expect to see future new Xpring platform functions launched on the wallet in the future, Beard said.

“Before it was quite complicated. It was done through command line or piecing together a variety of different tools,” Beard said. “There’s a reason why people keep a lot of their cryptocurrency inside hosted wallets on exchanges because all of that is obfuscated.”

The Xpring SDK now supports reliable transaction submission on XRP devnet and testnet, making it easier for developers to submit and verify transactions on XRP ledger. The kit now also supports Python and Go in its suite of programming languages, which already includes Java, JavaScript and Swift.

Xpring is also giving developers access to XRP ledger stable version 1.4.0, which supports accounts that can be deleted and allow users to recover up to 15 XRP of their minimum account balance. Previously users had to have a balance of 20 XRP held on the ledger, which users couldn’t move or use.


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