Red Reserve’s Future In Jeopardy After All Members Abandon Ship

[image credit : Red Reserve]

European organisation, Red Reserve, created global speculation regarding its future over the weekend, as a number of their players and management announced their departure.

Call of Dutypro player, Skrapz took to Twitter as he responded to another CoD pro, Reedy, that both he and his team are in desperate need of a new organisation.

However, days before, Disco Doplan, a CS:GO player for Red Reserve announced he had terminated his contract“As of yesterday, I officially terminated my contract with Red Reserve after a breach from their side. I will be looking for a new team during February/March while I work to improve both in and outside of the game. I’m hopeful and excited to see what 2019 has to offer.

Moments after the CoD roster had tweeted their concerns over the drop from the organisation, tweets from Red Reserve’s content team and management became the spotlight on many Twitter timelines.

One of Red Reserve’s notable sniper and content creator, Emzy opened up in her recent YouTubevideo regarding the situation stating, “I’ve been there through the start. I’ve seen [Red Reserve] at it’s best and it’s worst. I watched my closest friends leave, but I stayed because I had hope. Well, clearly not now otherwise I wouldn’t be in the situation I’m in”.

She continued, “The management wasn’t good with handling their money, to a point where they lost it all. Nobody was getting paid because there were no investors…I’ve left because I can’t see this being revived”. 

Red Reserve was previously known as a surrogate to FaZe Clan, but a decision was made which resulted in Red Reserve becoming its own standalone organisation. They announced their merger with Orbit Esportsin 2017 to help build a new content regime known as the “Red House”. In May 2018, the organisation announced that they had cut ties with the content team due to a lack of responsibility and management.

They also announced their expansion into Rocket League with a notable UK roster, Triple Trouble. Under Red Reserve, they found their way into the Rocket League Championship Series Season 7. One of the players on the roster, Tadpole, announced last week that they were not renewing their contract with Red Reserve, but did not state their reason behind it: “Disappointing to not be able to stay with Red Reserve. However, we’ve had a lot of good times representing them, excited for our future prospects at this point.”

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