Pre IPO Swap Picks Joseph Gelet as Chief Technology Officer

Investment firm Pre IPO Swap has appointed Joseph Gelet as the company’s Chief Technology Officer, effective immediately.

Pre IPO Swap delivers to institutional investors early access to privately traded shares in mature companies before they go public. The company also claims to have unique access to shares that are exclusively available through Pre IPO Swap.

On the sell side, it allows stockholders of its targeted companies to tap into its own dark pool of liquidity. Specifically, Pre IPO Swap works with startups and employee pension plans to find buyers for executives who want to sell their stock.

Gelet brings two decades of technology and finance experience to his new role. His direct responsibilities include oversight of Pre IPO Swap’s infrastructure technology and a senior role in vision and strategy. He will work closely with the company’s client base, which includes accredited investors only, to deliver long-term value on their investments.

Expertise with FX Firms

Gelet joins Pre IPO Swap from Blockchain developer Bloc10 Tech, which was founded by a consortium of Wall Street companies to build trading applications in a regulated environment for the financial services industry.

Prior to this role, Gelet served as president of Elite E Services FX, which develops FX strategies and technologies as a registered CTA with the CFTC and an NFA member. His tenure with this company dates back to 2002 where he was on the original team serving different business segments including managed accounts, investment services, quantitative systems, and FX advisory services.

Earlier in his career, Gelet was part of Fortress Capital which has over $40 billion of assets under management on behalf of over 1,750 institutional clients and private investors. He joined Fortress in 2015 as vice president of its Forex division, tasked with managing the company’s FX strategies, managed accounts, hedging, and other related services.

(Photo: pxfuel)

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