Pixel Federation’s Revenues Soar to €47.6M

Pixel Federation, a Slovakian-based games developer entering its 14th year, has had an incredibly successful year of growth. In a year filled with uncertainty across every industry, Pixel Federation managed to surpass its own expectations with overall revenue of more than €47M. With all-time favorite game Diggy’s Adventure proving the most successful alongside rising star TrainStation, Pixel Federation’s games remained firm favorites amongst the dedicated community, setting it in good stead for its entrance into the Chinese market in Q1 2021.

In globally difficult times, with the pandemic creating uncertainty across industries, Pixel Federation managed to increase its annual revenue by over 52% in 2020 compared to 2019. A huge part of Pixel Federation’s success is the continued popularity and growth of its community-based games. Securing a staggering 24 million new users to its games in 2020 alone, Pixel Federation has seen success through both new game development as well as longer-term classics – ‘TrainStation’ reached an incredible milestone celebrating its 10th anniversary on the market and still has a massive 400,000 monthly active user rate.

A fundamental influence on Pixel Federation’s games is the users themselves, creating a community that sets Pixel Federation apart in a league of its own. Attaining such a dedicated and involved community has created an authentic user-developer conversation ensuring every game created is exactly what all 120 million players desire. With €12M revenue driven from just one game by the end of 2020 (TrainStation 2) there is little doubt that Pixel Federation’s understanding of its players is successfully reflected back through revenue and growth.

“2020 has no doubt been a very challenging year for everyone internationally and we are so pleased that our games managed to provide a sense of togetherness and community during a time of extended isolation,” says Lucia Sickova, Pixel Federation’s Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer. “Our dedicated teams continued to work hard throughout the global upheaval and we are eternally grateful to our community of players who continued supporting us, allowing us to continue creating for them.”

Pixel Federation’s humble beginnings have not stood in the way of its growth and success. Starting out with four co-founders at the helm and minimal financial funding, the Pixel Federation team had a vision, grit, and determination which has taken the company from strength to strength. Developing games that are built to last, Pixel Federation drives a deep and authentic connection between the players and the game developers. 2020 saw Diggy’s Adventure celebrate its 8th anniversary with new features resulting in a staggering €21.4M revenue. A success story that is reflected across all of Pixel Federation’s top games.

But success for Pixel Federation does not stop there. With community at the core, Pixel Federation invests just as much in its people and the wider community as it does in its players.

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