Online Gaming Focused Breakout Coin Debuts on Bittrex Exchange

Breakout Coin starts its public coinsale today at the Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange where 6,627,494 BRK will be offered. Combined with a prior sale and tokens for incentivizing players and gaming sites, the total maximum number of BRK will reach 19,500,000.

According to the promoters BRK is part of the Breakout Chain blockchain for gaming, created by a team of gaming and cryptocurrency professionals. This includes lead developer James Stroud, PhD., a co-founder of CryptoCertify, a cryptocurrency auditing and certification company, Paul Kim, with 25 years of experience in IT, computer science and gaming, Randy Kim, a professional poker player with 20 years’ experience in Los Angeles casino management, and Gian Perroni, an iGaming executive with over 18 years of online gaming experience.

“Breakout Chain, the blockchain tech that drives Breakout Coin, has the ability to enforce fiducial agreements between parties,” stated Stroud. “These blockchain agreements are called smart contracts. The Breakout smart contract system is based on a novel approach called transaction control points that make the contracts amenable to pegged sidechains as described and implemented by Blockstream. The ability to run smart contracts in pegged side chains means that Breakout Chain will be unique in its ability to host distributed projects of almost any size. These smart contracts will be among the first features to be implemented on top of Breakout Chain’s existing multicurrency technology.”

“The online gambling industry generates over $42 billion in worldwide revenue annually, with another $96 billion in the video gaming space,” added Paul Kim. “The Breakout Coin will be used to denominate many of our gaming properties, and will be accepted at all of them, including our soon to launch eSports platform and our full digital game download store.”

Bitcoin (BTC) $ 67,083.97 0.07%
Ethereum (ETH) $ 3,120.54 0.10%
Tether (USDT) $ 1.00 0.04%
BNB (BNB) $ 579.64 0.16%
Solana (SOL) $ 174.42 0.11%
USDC (USDC) $ 1.00 0.09%
Lido Staked Ether (STETH) $ 3,119.48 0.04%
XRP (XRP) $ 0.516527 1.15%
Toncoin (TON) $ 6.41 0.20%
Dogecoin (DOGE) $ 0.152520 1.81%
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