Number Of Downloaded Games In Germany Is Increasing

The German Games Industry Association has come out to say that the number of games that are being downloaded has seen an increase in 2019. As a result, the revenue generated from downloads of games from PC, handhelds and consoles also sees an increase. In Germany that is a 5% increase from it being 28% in 2018 and jumping 33% in 2019.

Players are downloading all these games from download portals such as the Epic Games Store, Nintendo eShop Origin, PlayStation Store, Steam, Uplay and the Xbox Games Store. With an increase in downloaded games, traditional commercial outlets are slowly being left dry.

The reality of it is, people flock to downloaded games because it is convenient to them and it offers a huge variety. And people love that.

Felix Falk, Managing Director of game comments on this saying, “For years now, download portals have been gaining in popularity among players compared to traditional commercial outlets. The convenient access and wide variety, as well as game extensions and beta versions, make the platforms particularly attractive to many gamers. Especially in these times, one of the great strengths of digital distribution is becoming apparent: even under quarantine, no one has to do without the latest gaming fun”.  

[image: pxfuel]

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