Norwegian Gambler Loses Centrebet Case

A Norwegian gambler that was suing online gaming company Centrebet for his gambling losses has lost his case in Australia’s Northern Territory Supreme Court.

Bjarte Baasland filed a claim for damages against Centrebet in 2009 after he lost more than A$15 million (€10.4 million/$14.1 million) using online betting websites such as Centrebet, a company acquired by Sportingbet Australia in 2011.

Baasland had argued that Centrebet was negligent in allowing him to spend so much money.

Justice Graham Hiley ruled against Baasland and ordered him to pay Centrebet’s court costs.

Baasland started proceedings four years ago in a Norwegian court, where he originally made claims against both Centrebet and fellow online gaming firm Bet365.

At the time, Baasland had lost around $15 million – money that he had borrowed from family and friends. He disguised these losses by saying he had made poor investments in internet start-up companies.

Baasland claimed he was a gambling addict and Centrebet should have stopped him from accessing the site to place large bets.

In court, Centrebet argued that its terms and conditions stated that punters must agree only to gamble with their own funds.

Centrebet said that as Baasland had borrowed money and disguised how he was spending it, the company was not liable for his losses.

The firm also said it would have stopped Baasland from accessing the website had it known the money was not his.

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