NODWIN Gaming’s Zerah Gonsalves Faces Challenges In Choosing Indian Esports’ On-Air Talent

NODWIN Gaming Head of Talent, Zarah Gonsalves felt out of her element in the initial days of taking on the role of talent head. In the absence of clear guidelines for an unconventional position as this, she took her time to understand that in addition to simply recruiting talent for multiple game titles, she was expected to also make them understand their responsibilities when representing NODWIN Gaming on camera.

Gonsalves mentions, “India is an oyster for talents. The coming of PUBG MOBILE and the feasibility to play the game and create content around it has put India at the forefront of esports.” 

Esports talents such as desk hosts, analysts, stage hosts, and commentators have been a less talked about beneficiary of the PUBG mobile growth spurt.

Since the arrival of Tencent Games, the Indian esports scene has witnessed a considerable boost with PUBGM tournaments contributing to nearly 30% of the combined annual prize pool of all esport titles.

[image credit : GameError Support]

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