New Debit Card Supporting Crypto Prepares For Europe Release After UnionPay Approval

New debit card prepares for Europe release after UnionPay approval. After becoming one of the first digital asset companies to receive approval from UnionPay International, a new debit card is bracing itself to launch in 31 countries throughout the European Economic Region.

Amon says its multi-currency card allows users to spend euros and pounds seamlessly. The plastic is connected to a wallet that supports eight cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin — and a one-click exchange makes conversions effortless. Plans are in place to support U.S. dollars next, with the Amon community given the opportunity to vote on which digital assets they would like to be added in future.

According to the U.K.-based brand, UnionPay is accepted by 28.5 million merchants globally, and the payment processor has 90% coverage in most EEA countries. In the likes of Spain, Italy and Austria, this rises to 100%.

Amon’s executives say they have decided to use UnionPay instead of Visa or Mastercard because of how it will allow the business to grow internationally much faster. This paves the way for its brand to launch an underserved card market in other regions, such as the United States and South America, despite the fact that demand for digital assets is high.

The company does not actually assume that fiat needs to be replaced by cryptocurrencies; instead the brand believes the two can be complementary. The slogan of the company is “define your freedom,” and the team says their products are built to appeal to individuals who keep digital assets as a store of value, as well as those who make transactions using virtual currencies.

Consumers can generate cashback on their purchases — and soon, they will also be able to share these rewards with the charitable organizations they care about. Given how enhancing levels of crypto adoption is a crucial tenet of this project, a specially created assistant will offer analytical tools to help consumers make informed decisions about their finances. Additionally, a crypto academy will boast a range of learning materials produced by a helpful community.

The crypto debit card is also setting itself up to be competitive with ATM fees, as no fees will be charged under $325 in value for cash withdrawals.

Explaining why Amon is so determined to make life simpler for its customers, CMO Michael Kulakovskij shared, “The crypto market is growing fast and there are still so many underserved markets. New users often feel overwhelmed and frustrated about the complexity of the crypto sector.”

Amon is an intelligent crypto debit card connected to a Wallet which uses an AI system that helps users to spend virtual and traditional assets efficiently. Currently the Amon Wallet supports BTC, ETH and AMN token. ERC-20 and more will be implemented with new releases.

[image: Amon]

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