Neverest Creates Esports Education Project

Brazilian organization Neverest Esports has completely switched its focus for the first semester of 2021. Having played both the Brazilian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Championship (CBCS, by Globo) and the CLUTCH Circuit (by Bad Boy Leeroy) in 2020, Neverest currently holds no Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) roster and will invest in an educational project for amateurs, choosing the best players afterward to compose the new Neverest lineup.

Neverest created an online environment full of educational videos featuring CS:GO tactics and techniques for amateurs to improve their gameplay. The content platform is completely free to be accessed by any player who wants to register. Players who feel ready for competitions can enlist to Neverest’s own tournament circuit, the Neverest Experience, where the team will be searching for talent for their new CS:GO lineup. Neverest Experience tournament, although, requires a monthly payment of $14.97 BRL ($2.67 USD).

To launch this project and make the right choices of new pro players, Neverest will not play any official tournament in the first semester of 2021. It counted on a franchise spot in CBCS, but as the league has changed to an open circuit model Neverest decided to step back and build a new team from their education project before entering the competition. Even after building its main lineup, which may count on a mix of new and experienced players, Neverest Experience will continue to nourish Neverest’s academy team.

Neverest CEO Camilo Martins commented regarding the project: “Neverest has as a purpose to help the whole community to always improve 1% of its gameplay, always seeking the top,” he says, “we want to create opportunities to as many players as possible to help them with their challenges and evolve in the scenario.”

The Neverest Experience counts on four sponsors: betting website Rivalry, peripherals brand Warrior, clothing store Artwalk, and motherboard manufacturer ASRock. “These brands will develop a stronger relationship with the new pro players because they were there supporting their growth,” Martins says.

Although the project currently only features CS:GO content, Martins said that there is a will to expand the Neverest Experience to other esports.

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