Moshe Hogeg Meets Israeli Finance Minister to Promote Cryptocurrencies

Israeli serial entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg announced today on his Facebook page that he met with the country’s finance minister to talk about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

He wrote: “I am happy to inform you that I just completed a wonderful meeting with Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon on the subject of blockchain and digital coins. The minister is very positive and supportive. Of course this is a joy to know and promotes a solution, and together with a government that supports innovation we can create great value for everyone.

As for practical products, we will work together on these and for sure we will see results soon.”

As the financial regulator in Israel have so far adopted a very negative approach toward cryptocurrencies, and ICOs in particular, the local blockchain startups ecosystem could have a lot to gain from finding a sympathetic supporter in the minister.

ICO background

Last Month Moshe Hogeg’s SIRIN LABS – developer of the SOLARIN ultra-secure mobile phone – announced that it is launching a crowdsale to support the development of FINNEY, an open source, secure smartphone and all-in-one PC, that runs on a fee-less blockchain.

The FINNEY devices will run on a SIRIN LABS operating system that will be designed to support crypto-related applications, such as wallets, secure exchange access, encrypted communications, and a P2P resource sharing ecosystem for payment and apps, all supported by the SRN token. The SRN token will be the network’s default currency and only SRN token holders will be able to purchase FINNEY devices.

(Photo: Moshe Hogeg)

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