Microstrategy Founder Michael Saylor Gets Bulled By Twitter User

Microstrategy founder, Michael Saylor gets bulled by Twitter user. In a rap video posted on her Twitter account on October 11th, Twitter user BriFitDance, marvelled at Saylor’s take on Bitcoin. The video showcases her dancing and singing about The Bitcoin Bull, Michael Saylor with clippings of his Tweets on Bitcoin.

The 2 minute long video received mix reviews from the Twitter community with some applauding her while others criticised her. Barry Silbert said “I think this is awesome. People like you are what makes the bitcoin community so special and unique” and Paul Democritou tweeted “Look your getting bashed here because nothing is in sync. Your rap, dance, clothes change should all sync with the music. Try it again while listening to the music, when rapping, dancing etc and sync it. Don’t ignore comments, you are bad, get better, and win ;)”

However, others were not impressed with BriFitDance’s video. Twitter user Observer said “Would rather dump all my coins than watch this” while DeepBlueCrypto said “My eyes have seen this and I beg you to show me how to unsee this.” 

According to her Twitter account, BriFitDance is a latina girl with a passion for bellydance, fitness and hoop dance. With a Youtube channel of over 400 subscribers, BriFitDance never fails to keep her audience entertained with hoop dances and photoshoots.

Michael Saylor is the Founder of software solutions provider, Microstrategy. Saylor is a strong advocate of Bitcoin, regularly sharing his thoughts and singing praises on the cryptocurrency. “Bitcoin is a swarm of cyber hornets serving the goddess of wisdom, feeding on the fire of truth, exponentially growing ever smarter, faster, and stronger behind a wall of encrypted energy.” Saylor tweeted.

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