Microsoft Supports Epic’s Request To Keep Using Apple Developer Tools

Microsoft supports Epic‘s request to keep using Apple developer tools. Microsoft has filed a statement (via The Verge) supporting Epic ‘s bid to retain access to the developer kit as it continues its lawsuit against Apple.

General Manager of Game User Experiences Kevin Gammill believed that Epic’s Unreal Engine was “essential technology” for the industry, and losing access to it on iOS and Mac will deprive Microsoft and other game developers of a key engine option. This may be calamitous for developers if a game based on Unreal is well under production.

Microsoft and other businesses will have to choose between restarting production, removing Apple device support or “canceling a game entirely,” Gammill said. This could pose problems for games already released, the manager added.

It will not only prohibit users of iOS and Mac from accessing new features, bug fixes and security updates, but it may also break the market as it is cut off from playing online against people on other platforms.

[image: Franck.V]

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