Metal & Lynx Have Officially Merged

Digital bank Metal has announced that it has officially merged with decentralised application developer Lynx. This is one of the largest mergers in the cryptocurrency industry and a signal of amazing things to come.

Lynx brings a powerhouse of developers ready to design and produce attractive, functional, and powerful products for users throughout the United States and around the world. Additionally, the combination of teams allow them to devote more resources to the creation of Proton (XPR) – a groundbreaking solution to the various problems plaguing the financial industry.

Metal Founder and CEO Marshall Hayner was immediately impressed with what the Lynx team had built once he saw how their products worked. Lynx is one of the most established and experienced decentralised application (dApp) developers in the world, and they have a reputation for creating high functioning and beautiful products.

He said “I immediately recognized that Lynx had the design and engineering chops to build not only a beautiful Metal/Apple like product but also completely understood the concept of usability and beautiful UI and design.”

“Our long term vision: Metal is the next Stripe. Only this time, payments are not insecure and they are built on Proton and blockchain rails, everything completely interoperable, not just blockchain interoperability, but full global banking and financial interoperability.” Hayner added.

The Lynx team was equally impressed with what they saw at Metal, and were eager to join them in creating the future of finance. Metal has established a reputation of making inroads for the cryptocurrency community – whether that be through speaking to Congress, increasing crypto usability, or lowering barriers to entry.

“We are thrilled to join Metal. Our two teams share a common vision for blockchain based payments and we’re going to surprise the world with how easy it really can be.” said Fred Krueger, Executive Chairman of Metal.

[image: DCMS]

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