Malta Set To Launch National Strategy For Artificial Intelligence

The Maltese government is expected to launch its national strategy for Artificial Intelligence within days.

Local media has reported that Parliamentary Secretary for Innovation Silvio Schembri made the announcement on Monday, while speaking at the MITA seminar on the digitisation of the Public Service and Artificial Intelligence.

Apparently, through the national strategy that runs until 2030, the Maltese administration is trying to position the country as a sort of testing ground for businesses, enabling both local and foreign companies and entrepreneurs to develop, test and prove AI technologies before introducing them to bigger markets.

Speaking alongside Schembri was Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar, who said that major investment is currently being directed towards innovation in technology, including in human resources.

Schembri also explained that AI isn’t only something for the commercial sector, and will be able to help the Maltese public sector address several challenges – pointing out that public services were changing, with the public now treated as clients.

Cutajar also stated that the way the government and public sector adopts and uses AI should set an example, enshrining ethics, transparency and accountability.

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