Magellan Robotech Lands At ENADA 2020

The B2B trademark Magellan Robotech’s first appearance at  ICE London, the main trade fair for world-class games, held from 4 to 6 February at the London ExCel Exhibition Centre, proved a massive success for Stanleybet Group, the company that creates gaming solutions for game and virtual 3D game operators.

Hundreds of meetings were held and thousands of visitors from all over the world were entertained at the Magellan Robotech stand, especially from Europe (with Italy, Romania and Spain in first place), South America (Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil above all), and Africa (various countries but with Nigeria always taking centre stage).

There were two main major attractions on the stand: the blockbuster Trident, virtual football with numerous awards nominations as best product in the sector in 2019, exhibited both in the retail and online version (desktop-mobile), and the long-awaited novelty, actually previewed at ICE, Falcon, the first virtual football in “live betting” mode In the world. The success of this new concept is guaranteed not only by the graphics, but also by the game dynamics: 25-30 minute-long games (which can be customised to the customer’s requirements), with a 5-minute interval and pre-game session; from 14 to 20 opportunities to score a goal, depending on how strong the team is.

The mechanics of the game are based entirely on real time simulation, as the software has been developed using a game development platform (Unity 3D). No video has been subjected to pre-rendering.

The artificial intelligence (AI) can be completely extended. New game situations, i.e. tactics management of attack, defence or possession of the ball can easily be added.

The system is constructed on the basis of 360 different movements for each player and can be expanded to easily support more, as they are based on motion capture technology.

Keeping in line with its philosophy of virtual games created by bookmakers for bookmakers, Magellan Robotech brought its concept for betting shops, betting corners and sports cafés within a Casino to ICE.  A “wall” equipped with the entire offer: from self-service terminals to SSBT for betters’ independent gaming.

This same concept and same philosophy will soon take centre stage at Rimini too, where Magellan Robotech will be taking part in Enada 2020, scheduled from 11 to 13 March, to confirm its primary interest for the market.

Christian Maglia (CCO Magellan Robotech) stated, “We are proud of the result of Magellan Robotech’s first appearance at ICE. Our prestigious B2B trademark has now become a benchmark worldwide. Thanks to absolutely innovative, revolutionary concepts, such as ‘Trident’ and, above all, the latest virtual ‘Falcon’, the first virtual live betting in the world, previewed in London. We have raised the bar and given aficionados and consumers a product that will revolutionise our sector forever.”

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