LMAX Adds Global Liquidity to Kx for Flow Trading Platform

LMAX Global has just announced that the company is adding its global liquidity to the Kx trading platform. The FCA-regulated broker for foreign exchange which is part of the LMAX Exchange Group is now feeding its no ‘last look’ flow into one of the top institutional market players trading interface.

The Kx for Flow trading user interface (UI) is used by a number of banks, brokers, MTF’s and the buy-side of the market. The powerful eFX trading ecosystem provides for price distribution, trade execution, order management, smart order routing and risk management. Kx for Flow also delivers to clients transaction analytics, surveillance capabilities and alerts management.Kx for Flow is being developed by Kx Systems, a subsidiary of First Derivatives, a company that is focusing developing financial technology for about 20 years. The firm has built the trading platform while having in mind the modern needs of the institutional FX market.

Flow allows clients to configure their own liquidity pools with built-in connectivity to the full FX liquidity market. The trading platform is market-neutral, using KS’s leading database tech that has been in service in the industry for over two decades.

Commenting on the news, the International Development Executive at Global, Rob Brown, said: “The link will offer more institutional clients an enhanced trading experience – delivered through the combination of Kx for Flow leading technology and direct access to trade through LMAX Global on the central limit order book with streaming firm liquidity from top tier banks and proprietary trading firms.”

(Photo: theindustryspread)

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