Live Launch For Metro Play Casino

[image credit : Peakpx]

Multi-channel consumer company dmg media has announced that its Metro daily newspaper has launched Metro Play Casino featuring a portfolio of some 200 web-based titles in addition to more than 50 mobile games.

Launched in 1999, Metro is one of the most read publications in the UK offering its own brand of bite-sized news, sport, entertainment and local information for readers on the move.

The new Metro Play Casino is aiming to follow the lead of its parent and become the UK’s first stop for mobile gaming fans by offering simple and fun straightforward games along with large jackpots, free spins and bonuses.

“Like Metro, Metro Play is the perfect entertaining pick-me-up at any time of day,” said Jamie Walters, Executive Director for Metro Play Casino.

“When you’re on the go all day, you want to make the most of the moments you have to yourself, turning passing time into something fun and rewarding.”

Metro Play Casino stated that it has gone live with Sudoku, puzzles and a range of mobile casino titles offering those on a lunch break or killing time during a dull ad break the ‘best games to fill in life’s less entertaining moments’.

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